About Sheikh Hussein Bakry Gazzaz

Sheikh Hussein Bakry Gazzaz: The Luminary Who Transformed Luxury Retail in Saudi Arabia


Sheikh Hussein Bakry Gazzaz stands as a towering figure in the annals of Saudi Arabia's history, representing an emblem of opulence, diligence, and innovation in the Kingdom.

Over half a century ago, in the heart of the holy city of Makkah, a tale of ambition and passion began to unfold. A young and spirited Hussein Bakry Gazzaz, with dreams bigger than the vast desert, opened the doors to a modest shop at Bab Ziyada. But this wasn’t just a shop; it was the canvas for his vision, the seed from which a legacy would grow.

Driven by an insatiable desire to carve a niche in the competitive world of business, Hussein's journey was fueled by relentless perseverance and an innate artistry. This artistic inclination gifted him a discerning eye, allowing him to recognize true beauty and luxury — invaluable traits in the realm of opulent consumer goods. With his heart and soul, he immersed himself in the world of fragrances, cosmetics, and curated gifts.

To rise above the ordinary, Hussein knew he had to bring something unique to the table. With a revolutionary spirit, he introduced the fixed price concept — a move that wasn't just innovative but also emblematic of his integrity. This bold step earned him more than profits; it earned him the unwavering trust of his clientele.

And so, from the humble beginnings at Mecca, the legend of Hussein Bakry Gazzaz was born, setting the stage for a story of success, innovation, and undying passion.

A Glimpse into Gazzaz's Early Life
Born in 1925, Gazzaz's entrepreneurial journey began at a young age. After a brief stint at Tah'deer El Be'that school, he ventured into the world of business at just 13. His first enterprise was a modest counter at Bab Ziyadah in Mecca, established in 1942. However, this small venture was just the beginning of a luxury retail empire.


Broadening Horizons: Learning and Growth
Gazzaz's immersion in the Saudi Ministry of Finance for two years equipped him with a robust foundation in economic principles and business models. This knowledge would later catalyze his ventures, propelling them to unparalleled heights in the Saudi market.

 The Cairo Influence

Gazzaz's formative years in Cairo, described by him as the "Paris of the East," deeply influenced his vision. The bustling streets, rich culture, and thriving commerce of Cairo inspired Gazzaz to dream big for his homeland, Saudi Arabia. His journeys to Egypt had painted vivid portraits of the potential of advertising in his astute mind. Drawing from these experiences, Hussein became a trailblazer once more. He was the first to harness the power of advertising for his products, a strategy that not only spread the word but magnetically drew customers to his establishment.


Building a Retail Empire
By 1946, Gazzaz embarked on a journey to introduce luxury fragrances to Saudi Arabia, becoming a pioneer in the market. His business collaborations expanded to include iconic brands like Cartier, Omega, TAG Heuer, and many more. By May 2012, the Gazzaz brand had grown exponentially, boasting 35 department stores across the Kingdom.

Gazzaz brought a unique flair to the Kingdom's retail landscape through his "maisons." These are not just stores but architectural marvels. Spread across Saudi Arabia, these 15 state-of-the-art maisons, located in prime locales, redefine luxury retail. Each maison, with its meticulous design and opulence, offers patrons an unparalleled retail experience. The interiors exude elegance, while the curated collections showcase the epitome of luxury. These maisons are not just retail outlets but are destinations in themselves, a testament to Gazzaz's vision of magnificence and his commitment to offering the very best to his clientele.


A Legacy Beyond Retail
Gazzaz's impact wasn't limited to the retail sector. Recognizing his significant contributions, he was honored with the “Medal of Honor” by former French president Jacques Chirac in 2001. His achievements also included the prestigious Golden Jubilee Award from Yves Saint Laurent (YSL), acknowledging his prominence in the luxury sector.




In addition to his business feats, Gazzaz was a humanitarian at heart. Reflecting his commitment to community welfare, he founded a school, a hospital, and an entire community in Bosnia, providing solace and support to those affected by the ravages of war.

Beyond his tangible business achievements, Gazzaz's influence and contributions to the Kingdom have been immortalized in the form of a monument in his honor. Situated in the Hamra district of Jeddah, on a prominent main road, this structure stands proudly at a roundabout. Every passerby is reminded of the indelible mark Sheikh Hussein Bakry Gazzaz left on the nation. It serves as both a tribute to his enduring impact and a symbol of the deep respect and esteem in which he is held by the people of Saudi Arabia.


A Legacy That Lives On
The world bid farewell to Sheikh Hussein Bakry Gazzaz on January 7, 2021, but his legacy continues to inspire. His journey, from a young boy with dreams in the lanes of Cairo to a magnate transforming the face of luxury in Saudi Arabia, serves as a beacon for future generations.