1. Who can use TAPI?
TABI services are available to any citizen and resident of Saudi Arabia over the age of 18.
2. How much can I spend with Tappy?
You can get a credit balance through Tappy up to 3000 riyals. The available credit depends on several factors such as the type of products you buy through Tappy, the stores you buy from and your buying habits with Tappy.
3. How do I pay with Tappy?
It's very simple. You shop naturally, and when you reach the purchase/payment page, you choose installments with Tappy. During your purchase, you will pay 25% of the value of the basket as a down payment and the rest in 3 monthly installments. No fees.
4. When can I use TAPI?
You can use TAPI for purchases between SAR 300 and SAR 3000.
5. What payment methods does TAPI accept?
TABI accepts all credit and debit cards (mada)
6. Are Taby's services free?
True! TABI does not charge any fees or interest as long as you pay on time.
7. Why my request to join TABI was not accepted?
This could be due to one of these reasons We were unable to verify your identity You did not fill in one of the required fields such as your full delivery address You have past payments due And you didn't pay it.
8. What happens if I don't make my payments on time?
TABI encourages responsible spending habits so every purchase is reviewed before approval You'll receive periodic messages before your payments are due, reminding you Pay on time. If you cannot collect the amounts due on the day the payment is due, you will not be able to make further purchases until your overdue payments are paid. A late fee of 15 riyals will be added after 15 days of receiving the order. If you are late in payment for an additional two weeks, an additional late fee of 30 riyals will be applied, and after 4 weeks from the date of payment, a late fee of 60 riyals will be applied.
9. How do I pay in installments?
You have to pay 25% down payment in Qazzaz to confirm your order. The remaining 3 installments will be paid over 3 months in favor of TAPI via the TAPI app for iOS and Android devices.
10. How do I pay with the Taby app?
Download the Taby app on your mobile phone and sign in with the same number you used to make the purchase at Qazzaz. Tappy will show you your remaining purchases and installments. You can add any credit or debit card to the Tappy app and start paying in monthly installments.

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