Our Heritage

The history of Gazzaz started since 1942, Mr. Hussein Bakry Gazzaz become the first agent in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) to import Fragrances, subsequently Gazzaz’s business expanded to include imported Cosmetics, Watches, Cufflinks, pens, Gift items, Antiques, Hair products, Leather goods, and other luxury products.

The Gazzaz name has been linked to a vast range of the most internationally renowned signature products Gazzaz’ s matchless experience dates back over 77 years, the largest retail network in this sector and widest variety of luxury fashion & beauty brands making GAZZAZ the most ideally and the suited gateway to the Saudi Arabian fashion & beauty market.

President Jacques Chirac

In 16th of May 2001 the President of France Jacques Chirac gave Hussein Gazzaz the “Medal of Honor” for being the biggest importer of cosmetics in the Middle East in the 90's.

The Gazzaz chain of showrooms is the strongest retail group in the Luxury segment, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in the Middle East as well.
Maisons Gazzaz:

Jeddah (3), Makkah (1), Riyadh (2), Al Khobar (1) MAISON MADINA (1)


Jeddah (8), Makkah (3), Madinah (1), Taif (1), Riyadh (3), Al Khobar (2) GIZAN (1), KHEMIS MUSHET (1)